where is my heart?

Like most wives, my heart is with my wonderful husband:

And of course, as a new mother, my heart is also with my sweet girls:



And today I would’ve bumped along just fine with out anything else to put on my heart.

My heart was feeling quite full.

But then I came across my friend’s Facebook page.  She wrote about human trafficking.  She wrote about young girls who experienced horrors that I cannot even begin to comprehend.  My stomach turned.

And the thing is this: I’ve heard about human trafficking before.  Occasionally a story will make the homepage of CNN or MSNBC  or some other news website.

I will often feel a tug.  A sadness.

And then I will move on.

But the stories stay with me.  They always have.  As I read my friend’s page, all of the other stories I’ve read over the years came flooding back to me.  Stories that people told at church. Stories I heard about on the radio.  So many horrible stories.

I looked at my sweet babies sleeping peacefully and I am relieved that my girls are safe.

And then…

And then I think of all the sweet babies that are not safe.  And the mothers that are either powerless to do something about it – or choose not to… or both.

How can I not be moved to action?  Even if the action is only spreading awareness.

But I can’t help thinking that there must be more than spreading awareness.

This. Must. Stop.


Are you in?




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