If you drive by our home right now, you’ll see a white flag waving in the front yard.

We’ve succumbed to the twinpocalypse.

It was only a matter of time.

To be sure, I’ve managed to shower nearly every day.  I’ve put on make-up every day.  Maybe not a lot of make-up, but just enough to feel human.

We’ve ventured out into the world for things like a new cell phone, groceries and doctor’s visits.

We were actually in a wedding this weekend, which was only possible thanks to my mom, my sister (Caitlin), my sister-in-law (K1), and my aunt and uncle.  To thank all of those wonderful sitters, each of the girls puked mightily.  Because the K family’s motto is “Go big or go home,” the girls decided that simply spitting up was too… quaint? … for their liking.  Instead, they sprayed vomit in excess of 18 inches from their little selves, coating the couch, the carpet, various family members and, of course, themselves.  As a fellow projectile vomiter, I was proud of my girls.  Well done, sweethearts… well done.

In spite of our efforts to make our beds, keep the house somewhat orderly and keep ourselves fresh(ish), there are signs around the house that it is a losing battle.  Crusty stains on the couch (no matter how much we blot and spray and clean) and a never ending pile of burp rags by the basement steps headed to the washing machine tell the tale of two parents fighting the good fight.

If you were to drive by our house in the middle of the night, not only would you see a crisp white flag of surrender fluttering neatly in the breeze, but you’d also see various lights on throughout our house.  If the light is only on in the girls’ room, it is a calm night.  If the lights are on in the girls’ room, our room, the family room and the kitchen, well – game over.

I find myself feeding the girls in the middle of the night thinking of how easy it would be to have only one baby.  Feedings would take half the time.  While feeding the second baby, I think jealously: I could be in bed right now.

I also find myself thinking of my coworker’s daughter who had triplets and thanking my lucky stars that I have an equal number of hands to the number of children in our house.

Thankfully, we are mostly sleeping at night and awake during the day, which is very helpful in feeling like a normal human being.  We are still keeping up on some of our favorite TV shows (um, hello – FRINGE??  So good!) – even if there are quite a few interruptions to make bottles and change out the laundry.

And even though I am sure that it is only gas, the girls are smiling and cooing and “singing” in their sleep, which makes this all seem worth it in the end.

One thought on “twinpocalypse

  1. i LOVE this!!!! 🙂 and i love you….and i love the girls!!!!!! 🙂 i can’t believe how big they’ve gotten just since the last time i saw them! you guys are doing AWESOME!! 🙂

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