19 weeks – halfway there!

Since twins are not generally allowed to go past 38 weeks, the 19 week point is technically halfway to our due date (March 28th, 2011)!  This is both very exciting and very surreal.  It feels like time has flown since we found out that we were pregnant until now, and with the holidays coming up, I know time will continue to fly by and the twins will be here before we know it.  This means that we have to really consider all the details about the babies’ room, what we need, etc.  And there are so many options!  It’s overwhelming!

What’s new with the babies: According to our friends at Babycenter.com, our babies are quickly developing their senses and may even be able to hear our voices!  The development calendars indicate that we should be feeling the babies move around now, which we have felt them move a few times, but nothing consistently.  The babies are each the size of a large heirloom tomato.

How I feel: I am still feeling pretty good.  I am starting to show (will post a belly picture later) and have gained a little bit of weight.  I am still tired a lot, taking naps when I can.  I manage to make it through the week without napping at work, but the weekends are ALL about sleep.  The tiredness makes Fridays the hardest day of the week for me – I really want to do something fun, BUT I am SO tired, I’d really rather eat some soup and go to bed.  I am enjoying as much sleep as possible now because I hear from other parents that there is not much sleep to be had later on.

Other thoughts: Sometimes it is very hard for me to emotionally and mentally grasp that I am pregnant, much less with twins.  There is a part of me that is still wondering, “is this really happening??”   I think I have normal fears that most expectant moms have, but sometimes I know that I am “spiraling” into a bad round of thoughts and probably need to take a nap.

Also, I found out that there was a set of twins born weighing a combined 27 lbs.  Yes, that’s right – a 14 lb and 13 lb baby.  So, it appears we have a new goal to pursue here.  I think that if we can hit the 20 lb mark, that will probably still be pretty news-worthy around here.  What do you all think??

One thought on “19 weeks – halfway there!

  1. Good night – if you hit 20 pounds you deserve an award. I cannot even imagine 27 pounds!

    Your blog stopped updated on my reader for some reason. I think I have it fixed now, but I had been wondering where you were and how you were doing!

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