15 weeks

Today we are 15 weeks pregnant!  Only 23 more weeks to go 🙂  Our doctor expects us to deliver by 38 weeks since we are having twins.

What’s new with the babies: According to weekly development charts, our babies are bout 4 inches long (head to rump) and they can sense light, even though their eyelids are currently fused shut.  I don’t feel them moving yet, but in the next few weeks, I might start feeling them moving around.

How I feel: Exhausted!  I was doing alright for a while, but I hit a wall.  Between working full time and occasionally having before work or after work meetings, I think it finally caught up with me.  I spent Saturday night trying to stay awake until FK came home.  Since I went to church Saturday night, we slept in this morning.  I could barely keep my eyes open Sunday afternoon, so we took a nap at 2:30 and FK woke me up at 5 p.m., worried that I wouldn’t be able to go to bed tonight.  I am still VERY tired, so I don’t think I’ll have any problems!

I am also starting to show a little bit and I’ll be sure to post pictures soon.  It’s not so much “wow, there’s a baby” as it is “hmm… have you put on some weight?” but I guess I have to start somewhere!

Other thoughts: Aside from the mono-like exhaustion over the weekend, Frank and I are getting more and more excited about the pregnancy!  I go in next week for a 16 week check up and I am looking forward to hearing their heartbeats.  Part of me is a little bit anxious to wait so long since our last appointment (about 4 weeks) and I will be relieved when we can get confirmation that everything is okay next week.

One thought on “15 weeks

  1. Golly, I remember this stage of pregnancy so well! Being so worried that when I had my next scan, our baby would have disappeared… It’s totally normal! So good you’re showing now… once that happens you feel just a little bit more reassured (although I have to say the worry doesn’t really go away until you’re almost at delivery!)

    As for the tiredness – I remember that, too, particularly in the early months. I used to have marathon naps in the afternoon. Take it as easy as you can, get a cleaner, get Frank to cook, get takeaways! Store up as much rest as you can now… you’ll need it when the babies come! 🙂

    P.S Have you got a pregnancy pillow for sleeping? Really helped me. As you’re not supposed to sleep on your back, it helps you find a comfy position on your side when you’re getting bigger. You put it between your legs and it supports your bump!

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