update much?

So, Emily, how is this “Bold Blogging”going?

It’s not going?

You haven’t blogged in days and days and days?


That’s the fastest New Year’s resolution you’ve ever dropped – including New Year’s diets and vows to make Frank more home-cooked meals.

~Real conversation with myself.

Ok, so a lot has been going on.

First of all, the new season of Greek starts on the 26th and the folks at Hulu.com are currently airing all three seasons for FREE – until the 26th.  As someone who is fully addicted to this show, I’ve GOT to get to the end of the freebies STAT.  This is big.

Second of all, Frank was home a ton and so I dedicated my time to snuggling and hanging out with him.  I gotta take the Frank time when I can get it!

Third, well, things got a big crazy this past week.  Just with real life.  I am looking forward to Sunday so that I can watch a movie and hang out.  That’ll be nice.


I spent a lot of time in the past few weeks trying to put my thoughts together on one particular topic: Intolerant tolerant people.  There are several people who claim intellectual tolerance but take the attack on Christians frequently.  Makes me wonder about how tolerant they really are.

But of course, I cannot think of people who are intolerant tolerant people without noting that there are Christians who do not love others the way that God called us to love others.

So the thing remains: how often do I reflect on myself?  How often do I recognize my own unloving behavior?

More on this to come.

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