confessions of a type a wanna be wife

Let’s be real here: while I’d LOVE to be a type A wife, who is able to work and put dinner on the table while keeping cupboards organized and dressing fashionably, I usually wind up more like a hot mess.

Confession 1: Snowblowing fashionista

Hey, when they said “protective eyewear” I took it seriously.  Don’t be jealous – you can get a pair at Home Depot.


Confession 2: “Honey, can you pick up some more rice at the store?”

Three boxes?  Really?? wait… What do I spy with my little eye??

A FOURTH box of rice hiding behind the flour.  Anyone want to come over for dinner?  Oh, and perhaps you noticed the spices on the microwave?  That leads me to confession #3…


Confession 3: Speaking of kitchens…

Frank loves spices.  He’s great at using them and mixing them and making dishes delish.  The downside:

Oh look - some spices!

... and some more spices...

... more?


So yeah.  I’ve confessed.  Now I’m going to make a spicy rice dish before I go to the mall wearing my “protective eyewear.”

It’s not easy starting fashion trends.

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