meet sally.

Sally is our new snow blower.

After a somewhat rocky start (how do I put this thing together? where is the gas?  what is a choke?  how much oil goes in there?? wait, where is the oil thingie??) and a 30 minute break to let the engine dry out (woops), Sally and I conquered the driveway.

What a thrill!

After just 30 minutes (several minutes were spent banging snow off of our pine tree so that the branches weren’t hanging too low and hitting me in the face) I was back in side, in my comfies and watching TV.

But I didn’t come in until I wiped down the snowblower and made sure she was safe in the garage.  I thought about bringing her into the house for the night, but I thought it might be too much.

Ah, sweet Sally.  Welcome to the K Fam.

And lots of thanks to Frank for getting her!

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