back in the saddle

So, after a month of testing, talking to doctors, praying and wondering what God has in store for us, it appears we have at least another 4 rounds of IUI in front of us.

The second opinion Doc looked at my results and didn’t have the same high-drama reaction my fertility specialist had.  The second opinion Doc thinks that with some adjustments to hormone medications, IUI might be able to work.  Good news for a Friday the 13th, hey?  And a pretty good birthday present, too.

I would think with news like that, I would be more enthusiastic.  But instead, I feel more… even.  Neither excited nor sad.  I am okay.  I am grateful that we still have a chance, but working very hard to stay even and level.  Extreme excitement or dread/sadness about possible failure are not helpful emotional swings for me or for Frank.

So yeah, I’m breathing in and breathing out – and praying with each breath.
That’s all I can do.

Oh, and for those of you who missed the hormone drug-induced crazies – hold on to your hats!  It’s back with a vengeance!!  yee haw!

6 thoughts on “back in the saddle

  1. i am so proud of you! you are handling this really well, in my opinion!
    if you will allow me, i will be excited for you guys!!!!! i hear good news and am excited at the hope!
    but i also really agree with how you’re dealing with it. keep praying, listening and in the deep and inspiring words of Pixar….”keep swimming, swimming, swimming. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” 🙂 and that phrase actually has a double meaning!! 😉 that was for you em!! :*

  2. I know this is mixed news for you, as it signals another emotional rollercoaster, but… it’s also great news! You have four more rounds of hope! And I feel good about this 🙂 x

    • Flying high – you are right – it is both great news and an emotional roller coaster. I’m trying really hard to focus on the great news part 😉 You know how it goes! I’m feeling much better about this than the first time around… here’s to prayin’!

      • we are following each other on twitter. lol. i’m gsan2000 i think we had like one conversation 🙂 well its a start maybe we’ll see each other at willow one day! We attend the Saturday night service

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