There are moments when I feel like everything is just peachy.  Life is chugging along.

And then something innocent causes a hiccup.  A pause and a reflection.

Sometimes it’s a phone call from a friend or a passing comment from an aquaintence.  Sometimes it’s remembering the significance of a date or visiting an old place.

I trace over those moments with my mind like I am tracing my finger over a scar, feeling the inconsistencies and committing them to memory. 

Smooth skin interrupted by the raised, jagged edges of a healed wound.

5 thoughts on “moments

  1. WOW! i can so relate! i hope they are healed wounds you are feeling and not open wounds. healed wounds are always there and we remember them and the pain they caused, but we can also remember the healing. they are never forgotten.
    i hope i am not the cause of remembering pain…or causing it!

  2. The smallest object, the most inconspicuous of locations, the slightest remark can dig up memories, pains, joys and more. But like vickydublu above me said, we can always remember the healing.
    And even if those hiccups are painful ones, they are still vitally important to who we are, and how we’ve grown and healed from them. Surprise nostalgia can bring a strong man to tears. It’s incredible.

    • I suppose that’s a little bit of what it is – surprise nostalgia. The specific situation that inspired the blog was less of nostalgia for events and more nostalgia for past hopes. Thanks for the comment!

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