So tonight I went to Costco and Dominicks to get a few items.

I was feeling pretty good about my shopping experience – trying to find a few organic items as we work on transitioning our household into the organic world.

I dropped off one of my Oberweis milk containers (organic milk in a glass bottle) for the $1.50 refund.  Then I bought some organic milk, tomatoes and spinach for a salad.  And some delicious tomato basil bisque. YUM!

By the end of my shopping trip, surveying my little basket with some of the delightful organic produce, I started to feel a little smug.  “Look at me and my organic produce!”

I saved money, bought healthy food and did it all while looking…

And that’s where I stopped short of being smug because I saw my reflection.

I was wearing long sweat pants that had gotten soaked at the bottoms (it’s raining) and they were slurping along behind me.  These sweat pants sometimes don’t stay up very well, requiring me to pull them up periodically. I was wearing my black zip-up fleece jacket, which is fine.  But I topped it all off with dangly black earings… that I didn’t realize I was wearing until I saw my reflection in the automatic glass door at the store.


You win some, you lose some.


In other organic news, my dear friend Jamie pointed out to me that there are a few other lists of the “dirty dozen” that vary from the one I posted in my “organicalicious” section.  I am going to update the section with some additional notes that I found in the Environmental Working Guide website and I am going to include the “Clean 15,” too.



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