Because invasive ultra sounds are oh-so-much-fun, I’ve decided to pop by the doctor’s office and see if they could just see how my ovaries are doing.

So, lube up the magic stick, Emmy is on her way!

Was that TMI?

My bad.  🙂

So, while I’m getting my follicology on, it would be most excellent if you could pray for us.  Please pray first, and foremost, that God’s will is done.  And second, please pray that He would bless us with children.  And third, just for fun, please pray that I have a good hair day tomorrow.

There’s nothing worse than going in to have your hoo-ha inspected and having bad hair.

Your serious prayers on the first two request is appreciated.

And if you want to toss in the freebie #3 request, that’s cool, too.

Thank you.  🙂

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