dragging my face on the cool tile floor

sounds like a really good idea right now.

There are times in my life when I think about doing the darnedest things.  For a long time I wondered about opening the car door while driving.


I don’t know.  It just seemed like a good idea.

Not to worry, I wouldn’t ever do it, but man, it was a provocative thought.

I’ve also wondered about biting into a bar of Irish Spring soap.  Just really sinking my teeth into it and chewing on it.

Irish Spring does not smell yummy like cookies or brownies, but mmmm… ::CHOMP!::

Considering my track record, I guess it’s not surprising that I have these thoughts.

And unfortunately, at work, we have a LOT of ceramic tile.  Some of it is even on the walls.  And it looks deliciously cool. 

My face pines for you, oh lovely, cool, ceramic floors.


And that’s why I think I might be a touch under the weather.

4 thoughts on “dragging my face on the cool tile floor

  1. There’s a chance you are my twin. My husband is sitting here shaking his head because there are two of us… I have this HUGE urge to open the door while driving. I want to scuff my feet along the side of the road while we go. In my head, I imagine how good it will feel. In real life, I imagine doing this at 70MPH would be quite painful!

  2. The big cement bricks painted over with a white or ivory color in my elementary school, always made me think of ice cream. I always wanted to take my finger and glide it along that wall and come back with a delicious treat! lol

    • You all are amazing! I thought I was the only one, but it is oddly comforting to know that there are other people out there like me! Thanks guys 🙂

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