Frank and I had a follow up meeting with our Doctor regarding the test results.

Not only did we move from the “poor” category (with one foot solidly in the “pregnancy not possible” category), our second opinion improved us to the “good” category.  This means we are candidates for IUI (insemination)!


This is huge.  If you recall, we were in a place where we weren’t even sure if IUI was an option for us any more.  IUI is a FRACTION of the cost of doing a cycle of IVF.  PLUS most of it is covered by our insurance. 

God is Good.

8 thoughts on “appointment

  1. Congrats! Are you moving forward right away or taking a little break between cycles? I don’t recall you saying for sure, but from this post, I’m going to read between the lines and tell you that in the Perfect Hormone Balance book, the doctor recommends a supplement called ConceptionXR. We haven’t looked into it, but it sounded really, really good. Anyway, one way or the other, good luck! Make sure you celebrate. This is a huge victory!

    • We are going to go for it. My cycle seems to finally be in better shape and my hormone levels improved from the bad test results, so we’re striking while the iron is hot. 🙂

      What is Conception RX? Where do we get it? Is it a multi? Can I take it on top of my pre-natals??? Deets!!

      What would I do without you??

      And you are right – it is a HUGE victory. The K’s just need to ramp up again and get ready for another month of TTC. I am so grateful for it and at the same time, I’m a little bit scared.

      onward, right?

  2. You will do great, Emily! Awesome news!! Emily went to the doctor… and it was good!

    God definitely knows how to throw us good vibes, huh?

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