playing with slightlycosmopolitan…

slightly cosmopolitan does this awesome thing where she recounts the highs & lows of the week – and because she is awesome, she’s asked others to join in her fun!

highs & lows for the week ending 08.08.09:

highs –

  • hanging out with Frank on Tuesday night. loved it.
  • hanging out with dor and tam and rose and al and erik and toni on friday night
  • making bread
  • lori’s shower/bachelorette party – so great to see the AOII girlies!
  • finding out i have a maturing follicle really early!  vegas, here we come!! (if we get pregnant while there, would it be wrong to name the baby vegas?)

high & low combo – leaving my job – very bittersweet


  • getting my period.  ::sigh::
  • saturday morning (eep, friday night was a little too fun…)
  • missing frank

if you play along, link back to slighlty cosmopolitan’s blog!  (see her blog for more explanation)

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3 thoughts on “playing with slightlycosmopolitan…

    • Ah, yes, I think the baby name inspiration in Vegas could be quite amazing! Bellagio K has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  1. I think I am with you, Bellagio K sounds great or maybe Caesar K…Big hugs and lots of prayers for your time in Vegas. I love reading that blog – the highs and the lows are fantastic. I was thinking about doing it and well gosh darn it, I just might! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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