shoppin' and bakin'

Today was not as productive as I had hoped.  I sort of recovered for the morning and then went out into the world

Stop one: Chase.

This was the part of the day where I confessed my idiocy to a complete stranger.  Somehow (I am vague on purpose cuz I know how) I wound up with 3 debit cards.  An old one and two new ones.  I activated one of the new ones, which in turn, deactivated the old one.  But I didn’t have the pin for the new one.  So I went up to the fine tellers at chase, laid out my three cards and told them all of my troubles.  They fixed it and even lied to me, saying, “This happens all the time.” Right.  Nice.

Stop one and a half: Dominick’s

Since the Chase branch is IN the Dominick’s grocery store, I figured I’d pick up a few missing essentials – cotton balls, razors, bread, two pints of Fro-Yo (Frozen Yogurt) and Magic Shell.  Have I mentioned that I am having a roughish day?

Stop two: Bed Bath & Beyond.

And this was the part of my day where I resisted mightily purchasing something for myself.  I wanted some air-tight canisters for my flour and sugar.  I wanted a rug for the office in the basement.  I wanted a new TV stand.  I want, I want, I want… But I stayed the course.  I only purchased the gift I needed for the shower tomorrow… oh, and a pack of gum.  And now my dear friend’s registry has Dentyne on it – cuz the cashier put it on her registry.   So it should say, “Dentyne Gum.  Wants: 0, Has: 1”   What’s going to be the real bummer is that I have no plans of giving her the gum.  Hey, you can’t have everything.

Stop three: Valli’s.

This was one of those stops where Dorothy sort of veered across three lanes of traffic (not really) and squealed into the parking lot saying, “Guys! Since we’re here, just gotta get a few things.”  Like we’d say no to that.  (we = Kristin H-J and me).  The produce at Valli’s is SO cheap.  SO. Cheap!  But again, I resisted the urge to make any rash purchases and instead just bought some bread flour.  Yum.

Stop four: Dorothy & Erik’s

Okay, I haven’t made this stop yet because I am patiently waiting for the durned bread to be done.  “C’mon bread, you can do it!”

Addendum to Day 1 Post:

Talked to La Doctor today.  She is upping my Clomid (seriously, if everyone is suddenly busy in August, I understand.  Heck, I want to avoid me too!).  I don’t really have any more to say about that.  I have to be home on Monday to receive my meds, so I’m not sure I’ll make it to the Wisco State Fair.  Grrr!  All hope is not lost yet, tho…

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