updates for updates' sakes

Frank is going to be home again tonight – holy cow! I feel so fortunate that he has been home so much in the past week. Praise God!

I have a 2 mile run tonight – which right now feels like it’ll be a piece of cake (mmm… cake!) after doing almost 4 miles this weekend. As I notch up to further and further distances, I start really considering the 2 and 3 mile runs “easy” runs. And what a sense of accomplishment because I really struggled just to do the 2 mile runs initially.

I realize that these runs have been such a great metaphor for my life lately and what God has been teaching me. Little things – little steps – can be such major game changers. One two mile run is turning into several two mile runs, a few three mile runs and this week, a four mile run. And even though the first run was difficult and each increase in distance is a challenge, I see changes in my perspective and endurance already.

On the fertility front, I have had a burning in my abdomen that I initially attributed to some digestive issues, but now I am wondering if it is at all related to the trigger shot a week ago. It sort of went away for a little bit and came back last night and is now carrying on with a vengeance. We shall see what the Good Nurse L says.

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