running still…

so did 2.15 miles today in… well, more than 20 mins. Yes I am a sloooooow runner.

Tomorrow I am running 3 miles. Good stuff.

Onto another topic – something I was thinking about while running.

When we first started trying to get pregnant, there was a lot of magic and mystery about it. Would it work? Would it not?

And as each month passed and my cycle got weird and I never got a positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit) result and all signs were pointing to something being wrong and then test results confirmed that we did have a few challenges, the magic and mystery of making a baby started to diminish.

The art and science of making a baby replaced the magic and mystery.

I say art because for as much as the science tells you about yourself and your cycle…

it changes EVERY month.

And it’s not because I am especially screwed up – every woman is like this (maybe not to these extremes…). No two cycles are the same…

Last month, the follicles didn’t mature. I didn’t get a positive OPK.

This month, they were mature several days before normal and I have had a positive/smiley-face OPK for FIVE DAYS. What does that even mean? Is that humanly possible?

(Side note: In my mind, I picture little ovaries turned into egg-making machine guns, spraying eggs everywhere. In my mind, I think, “We’ll probably have a litter of kids!” I am mildly delusional.)

So yeah, smile away little OPK tests. Smile away. 🙂

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