Pull the Trigger!

Ok, so, my body is a funny thing.

On Day 3 of this month, when I should have several small follicles (4-5MM perhaps?), I already had a 10MM follicle on my left ovary. Intriguing.

Nurse M had me come back on Saturday for a follow up. Now this bad boy was 16MM. Intriguing.

Nurse M asked me to come back on Monday for ANOTHER follow up. 19MM. PLUS! there were two more on my right ovary that she believes will mature and release too.

So Nurse M gave me the trigger shot. And Frank is home. YES! And I got a smiley face on my Ovulation Predictor Kit (this means I’m ovulating).


5 thoughts on “Pull the Trigger!

  1. 🙂 thanks for all of the encouragement! Even if this month doesn't work, it appears that I *can* ovulate, which is a-mazing! so yeah. WOOOHOO!!!

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