puppies smell like cookies

My dear friend Erin makes me smile, even when she doesn’t know she does.

Frank and I took a trip with Erin and John to the town of Nashville. You know, basically my heaven – full of cowboys and country music – ahhh! Love. It.

While we were there, we bummed around the mall a little bit. And the mall had a puppy store where you could go in and test drive some puppies. Erin eagerly dragged us over to the puppy store, promising Frank that puppies smell like cookies.

For those of you who know Frank well know that Frank loves when things smell good. He loves, loves, loves candles and diffusers and incense. Smell is a critical part of his life experience. To find out that puppies smell like cookies probably cause Frank to pause and consider adopting a puppy. If they smell like cookies, what bad thing can come from them??

The first clue should have been that the store smelled NOTHING like cookies. Not even close.

But Frank, trusting Erin who seemed so genuine and sincere in her promise of cookied puppies, looked past the initial smell. He went up to the window and picked out a cute little pug puppy and we were walked into a test drive room to see if we liked the pug.

We sat down on the bench, pug in hand and Frank took a big, hearty whiff of the puppy’s head, expecting Nestle Tollhouse cookies and getting… well, puppy. He looked at me and his face was full of disappointment.

“This puppy does NOT smell like any cookies I’ve ever eaten!” he said, incredulous.

And that, folks, is why we are probably never getting a puppy. Or any more cookies.

One thought on “puppies smell like cookies

  1. awww, i'm so glad you guys got some fun time together!! 🙂 sorry about not getting a puppy! i'll put some thought on how to get a dog to smell better! 🙂

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