Well, it’s June. We are now halfway through the year.

I was thinking about how a year ago, I was gearing up for major changes and I wasn’t sure how God was going to see us through it all – but He did.

So here we are again, facing a lot of obstacles and waiting for God to bring us through this as well.

God has seen us through so much. He has provided for us when we didn’t know what was next, He graciously taught us when it seemed like we were never going to learn and He kept us close when it seemed like He was so far. I know all of that because I lived it, yet, when faced with new challenges, I wonder “Is God going to see us through this? How will He do it?”

Of course He will see us through this and does it matter HOW He does it?


Frank is coming home tomorrow. That makes me happy. 🙂

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