we are in the midst of waiting on a number of things. life changing things. things that are largely out of our control. and if it was one area of our life in this position, that would be one thing. but it is across multiple areas and multiple levels. ah.

my mil is a lovely woman and she is a huge blessing to us. she reminded me of jeremiah 29:11 where God promises to prosper the people he exiled once they had finished their work. and that reminds me of a few things. sometimes that prosperity and hope is in the future for a people – a nation – not a person specifically. some people will work hard towards that future and never see it completed. but the thing is, there was work to be done – life to be lived – regardless of where God places us. so there is 70 years in exile, but whenever we seek God, no matter what, we will find Him. And that is cool. we may be far from where we want to be on earth, but not far from God.


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