where are you Emily?

Oh boy – I do believe I fell off of the face of the Earth. FK and I went down to the U of I to see the Fighting Illini not win against Michigan (boo!). We left early on Saturday morning and arrived in Champaign around 1 ish or so. Frank bought me my first orange Illini polo and a few stickers for his flight back. Then we went to visit his college pastor, Wayne and his wife, Janel. It was nice to see them again – it had been quite a while!

We met up with Meghan and her sister Colleen at a cafe in Urbana for some dinner and then met up with my sister, Cait and her friend Michelle before the game.

Let me just say that the game was a lot of fun because it was my first Illini football game with Frank. Even though the Illini lost, it was really neat to be there. Unfortunately, I was not in love with Big Ten Football Fans. It seems there were both sore losers and winners after the game. I’m sure the alcohol didn’t help any, either. After the game, we headed off to Bloomington – the only town with hotel vacancies!! The hotel was actually packed, so we were lucky to get a room.

Sunday we visited some of Frank’s college friends that now live in Bloomington. They are working on a church plant at ISU and it was great to catch up with them and hear how things were going.

On our way home, we stopped to visit our dear sibs – Kathryn, Dave and Karen – as well as the neice and nephew, Julia and Luke. It was really nice to spend time with them all. Yay!

So now I am home. Time for me to do my Bible study!

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