they tried to make me go rehab, i said …

no, no, no!

Dad is back in rehab, despite his best efforts to negotiate his way home instead. He said all of the doctors and nurses greeted him at the elevator as though he was coming home and that it was very nice of them. I asked him if he’d seen Rita yet (the 80 yr old nun who taught math for 40 yrs that is also his rehab partner – and Dad thinks she’s going to kill him in his sleep) and he said that he hadn’t seen her, but was sure she’d come looking for him in the night.

I’m glad he’s safe in rehab.

Anyway, maybe Dad will be home next week. That would be nice, although, Dad does tend to be more impulsive now and we have to watch him like a hawk. Apparently he thinks he can just “get up and walk.” I put that in quotes because the truth is, he needs assistance and a brace. Even then, he struggles to support his left upper body and slumps over. Anyway, praise God that Dad is alive and that he’s going to be ok. HUGE praises, actually.

Also, speaking of happiness, I got my hair cut tonight. The appointment was supposed to be 2 hours, but it took the guy 3 hours. I know what you’re thinking: wow, Emily, your hair must’ve been in saaaaad shape, hey? (that was for all my Canadian readers). I just like to think that young David, my snappy hair dresser, took extra special care with my hair.

Actually, I think it took him a long time to put the foils in and then I think he forgot about me because I actually finished reading my Real Simple magazine and was starting on Domino before he came back. I read fast, but not that fast!

On another note, Real Simple stresses me out. The magazine about simplifying my life weighs 10 lbs and is crammed full of ads. Not that I mind the ads, but the mag doesn’t make me feel zen-like after reading it. I was pretty proud of my working out lately, but after reading RS, I felt like a failure. In order to lose weight I need to run for 1 hour (not the 30-45 minutes I was doing) for most days (not 3-4). Darn it!! There is no winning here – none!

I think I want some more ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, we have a new Youth Pastor candidate coming in tomorrow. He is stopping by for a dessert tomorrow night, so I made my Louisianna Bread pudding and a chocolate cake. Hopefully the fact that the Bread Pudding comes with bourbon cream sauce won’t get me in too much trouble.

They tried to make me go to rehab… I said, “No, no, no!”

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