My dad:
– born in St. Francis Hospital in Peoria
– born on August 17, 1954
– family birth order is boy, girl, girl, boy
– both of his parents were born in October

My mom:
– born in St. Francis Hospital in Evanston
– born on August 18, 1954
– family birth order is boy, girl, girl, boy
– both of her parents were born in January

And with all of those things lined up, I guess it’s not too surprising that they were both born with holes in their hearts that weren’t discovered until they each suffered a stroke.

The four of us kids are all going to get our hearts checked out (starting with Caitlin).

Update on Dad: He is doing a little better. He has some more facial expression than he had previously. His brain was swelling last night and my mom misunderstood the doctors and thought it was a major issue that couldn’t be helped. Turns out most stroke victims have some brain swelling a few days after the stroke, so it was normal (although painful).

Thanks to everyone who has offered their prayers – it makes a big difference!

2 thoughts on “holes

  1. we’re here for you guys! thanks very much for the update! i really don’t want to bug you, so i appreciate you posting how things are going. lean on us!! we’re here for you! we’ll keep praying! love you! vicky šŸ™‚

  2. Emily,I am so proud of the way you are honestly processing all of the feelings, from grief to anger – and coming up with the realization that God is God, no matter what. He still cares for you and your family. Now it seems to be about figuring out just what that looks like in the context of crisis. Praying for you as you live out your faith in front of your family!laurie <

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