sicker than a dawg.

Last night was the h.s. all nighter with our youth ministry. It went really well – over 35 students showed up, mostly new students. Huge praise to God!! It was a nice time to just hang out playing games (Wii, Dodge Ball, DDR, etc) and watching a movie (Cars). The down side is that I was already sick with the aches and weakness… and staying up from 10 p through 7a was not awesome. I slept from 7a – 11:30a, got up and made Frank some breakfast before he went to work (poor guy is battling the same thing I am) and drove him to the airport. I am now totally exhausted and ready to go back to sleep!! YIKES. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep today and tomorrow and feel better by Monday.


In other news, Frank and I are heading down to see my dad’s side of the fam for St. Patrick’s Day. My grandma’s maiden name is Sulliven, so St. Patrick’s day is a big deal for that side of the fam. Instead of just having a large table for lunch, we are actually renting a banquet room to fit all of the extended family coming into town for the event.

We are also headed down to Nashville at the end of the month – I can’t wait!! Woohoo! Hopefully my next trip will be out to LA. It has been far too long since I chilled with Kate, Gen, Sean and Caitlin.

Over & Out.

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