christmas in february was a bust

Most of the time I look forward to the Super Bowl with childlike anticipating of all of the wonderous ads. And I have to say, this year was no different. Instead of having high school small group last night, we invited all of the students and adult leaders over for pizza, snacks and soda – oh yeah, and of course, COMMERCIALS!!

I have to say, commercials are the perfect length for me. Tell a whole story in 30 seconds – go! I love it. I even printed out a full list of all of the commercials.

But this year, I have to say, I wasn’t as impressed as years past. The commercials aired on the side of being more violent than funny. I thought the GM ad with the sad robot was downright depressing. I have to say, I did like the final cuts of the ads – although, I am a bit biased. Oh, and I liked the Bud Light crab commercial. That was hilarious. But other than that, there wasn’t a “wow” factor.

Oh well, as Bears fans say, there is always next year!

One thought on “christmas in february was a bust

  1. Oh, the GM commercial was SUCH a bad call. Who in the heck in their marketing division thought that would be a good idea?!?! Just seems like a total slap in the face for all those they’ve recently laid off!

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