i'm back

i’m back – minus fibey. And let me tell you – while the wound hurts (read: No bending, lifting, moving, turning, rolling over – or it feels like I’m on FIRE), the air bubbles are far worse. See, what happens when they open you out and remove your uterus and then put it back in (good times), air gets into your cavity. And that air has to get out, but since it’s not in your digestive track, it has to be absorbed into your muscles and THAT HURTS. So all this air in my stomach is pushing through my rib cage and up my body. It hurts like a fricker, let me tell you. When I lie down, I can hardly breath because of the air pushing on my muscles.


Anyway, other than that, I’m not too drugged up. My beautiful Mother in Law is here helping me (she made some chicken soup and is doing laundry – aww!). She took me on 2 walks this morning and we might go for another if I can get some rest.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!!

One thought on “i'm back

  1. Hi Emily! I’m mourning the loss of fibey, but I’m glad you are doing well. I hope the discomfort and pain will subside quickly. I just wanted to say that I love you and I’m praying for you. Ann

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