remember the work that God has done in you.

The retreat was great. Thank you for everyone who prayed for me while I was gone.

Sure, there were things that I could have done better – been more prepared for – but the important thing is 1) no one was seriously injured, 2) I didn’t hitch hike home early, 3) I learned a TON!!!

Things that make a difference in your life aren’t easy. Vicky, one of my favorite people and the youth pastor’s right hand woman (and wife), is so incredible. She plans these retreats like there’s nothing to it. She pulls together all the minute details that I would never think of – like an attendance sheet used to do roll call every time we boarded a bus. I would have been in Sheboygan saying “Gosh, I thought we had more kids than this.” And Tim (her husband and youth pastor), pulls together great teaching that actually motivates the kids to follow the Bible. How crazy is that???

Anyway, with such a winning combination of Vicky and Tim, Tim and Vicky – how could anything go wrong? It was an awesome weekend. We did a lot of worship and prayer and learning mixed in with wall climbing, tubing, skiing, broomball, power tubing, and all sorts of fun activities. The kids were exhausted on the way home.

I will tell you that aside from learning how to work with the students, the other big challenge was 27 girls with 2 toilets, 2 showers and 4 sinks. Yikes!! INHUMANE!!! Well, not really. I’m sure there are many people who could teach me a thing or two about inhumane. But I digress.

I loved getting to know some of the girls that I didn’t know well prior to the retreat. Good stuff.

Just a few tidbits I want to share:

Song verse of the weekend –
What was said to the rose
to make it unfold
was said to me here in my chest

Feeling of the weekend –

Favorite Food –
Pretzels from the Canteen

Favorite Moment –
Joey defying gravity and hurling his 5′ body over a bar that was at least as high as his chin – and winning the upside down limbo tournament. When he won, one of the big guys lifted Joey up on his shoulders and we all cheered.

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