Where do you get your personal value from?

Your friends? Your family? The car you drive, the job you have, the house you own, the lawn you keep, the clothes you wear, the people you know or the awards you win? Does your value come from your amazing IQ, the college degrees you have on your wall or the number of times your picture is in the paper?

When you fail at keeping up with your friends, spending quality time with your family or at your job, does your value adjust accordingly? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your mistakes?

Not just your value: what about the source of your joy and happiness?

I have been thinking about this alot because I think I place an inordinate amount of importance on my job and what it means to me. So when I make a mistake or fail or something doesn’t work out – I feel that pain much more than I shsould.

But really, my value should come from God. God thought I was so valuable, he died for me. He defeated death for me. Nothing I can do can change that – other than not believing in Him. All of my mistakes, errors, poor judgement, imperfections and sins – none of that can devalue me in the eyes of God because He values me so much that He died for me.

No matter what life dishes me, I know there is always hope because God loves us. He finds value in all of us – if He didn’t, He would have walked away from cross and never looked back. But He didn’t – He fought for us. Every last one of us. And He is still fighting for us.

So my verse tonight is Romans 15:13: 13May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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