how i almost died… a conversation

DisneyK1127: How did you almost die?
TallGrl98: oh my gosh
TallGrl98: it was so scary
TallGrl98: so i was driving and it was really rainy
TallGrl98: and i was on 94 south and we went around the plainfield curve (really sharp curve)
TallGrl98: and i was slowing down becaause it’s a terrible curve and two cars ahead of me, the car spun out of control and all of a sudden – it was facing me in my lane!! DRIVING BACKWARDS!!!
DisneyK1127: OH MY@
TallGrl98: they swerved across three lanes, managed to not hit anything
DisneyK1127: Holy cow
TallGrl98: and then turned around and kept going
DisneyK1127: The right way?
TallGrl98: yup
DisneyK1127: Wow
TallGrl98: yeah. so then after a few minutes, they pulled over because i think they were really shaken
DisneyK1127: I can imagine. Jeez.
DisneyK1127: nobody got hurt though, right?
TallGrl98: all i kept thinking was “i am going to hit these people. “
TallGrl98: nope, not one dent
DisneyK1127: amazing
TallGrl98: i know
DisneyK1127: good thing
TallGrl98: but i had this moment while i was driving where i had sort of an out of body “i am in control of this, i can do this” feeling
DisneyK1127: Did your life flash before your eyes?
TallGrl98: no, it didn’t
DisneyK1127: good, good
TallGrl98: which is a good thing -i would have gotten distracted
DisneyK1127: heh
TallGrl98: ok – i have to go to bed. you are now the subject of my blog.

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