deep thoughts about life

daytime tv stinks

i am tired and want to nap, but find myself deeply disturbed by how much daytime tv stinks. and therefore i am compelled to write about it. however, i’m feeling really lazy and don’t feel like putting anything in caps.

first of all, soaps – what is that crap? i can’t even devote more thought to finding words to put around my thoughts on daytime tv, but so help me… if i ever start watchiing this stuff, take it away.

daytime tv stinks except…

hgtv. i’m addicted. i learn so much and it helps me figure out my personal sense of style. sort of.

what’s the deal with gas???

in wisconsin, i saw one gas station at $2.189 and just across the street it was $2.449. You’d think the guy across the street would say “wow, $2.449 really isn’t competitive today.” but now, he did not do that. even worse – there were people buying their gas there. can someone tell me if the 10% ethanol had something to do with it?

also, another thought occurred to me – why don’t they just say $2.45 and $2.19?? we all know that $2.449 is basically $2.45, so just pocket the $.001 and call it a day.

… that’s it for now…

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