holy hole batman!

Well, I drove down to our lot to see what had been accomplished this week – and there in between giant piles of dirt was a gorgeous, yawning hole. YAY! It was interesting to stand there on the edge of the hole and look down into what will be the basement of our new home. The foundation will be poured next week and I think that’s pretty impressive since we just closed on the house last week.

And that makes me think about the ways that God is going to use us and this new home. Of all the rooms in the home that I think about, there is one that I think about a lot. It is a cozy corner bedroom at the top of the stairs. I imagine that when I walk up the stairs and look over to the right, I’ll see this little bedroom with a tidy bed and soft northern light filtering through the curtains. No – I don’t see a nursery, so don’t even go there, but I hope that this will be a room for friends and travelers and family to call “home” for a little bit.

I can’t wait to see who God will bring to our doorstep!

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