where does the time go?

So what have we been up to, you must be wondering. Not too much and a whole heck of a lot. Just a few highlights:

1. I injured myself on the CTA. Don’t ask, but somehow I managed to be standing too close to doors that open inward and they sliced my poor pinky toe. I was bleeding and had to go to the ER for a tetnus shot (would you trust the bacteria on the El? I thought not!) The thing was, I was on my way to a client meeting (woops) and wound up going to the hospital instead.

2. We are buying a house. I’m not sure if I touched on this in earlier posts, but it’s quite an exciting time for us. We found a builder we like, put in an offer and are working out the details of our new-home-to-be. Frank and I have stopped sleeping and eating due to the gi-normousness of this investment. Needless to say, we are very excited about our new home – it will definitely be a step up from our 1 bdrm apartment!!

3. We are going to Disney in 1 week!!! Yay!!! It’s going to be a wonderful time and we can’t wait to be riding the rides and relaxing by the pool. We just hope we don’t have any hurricanes!!

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