Out of Control

So what am I doing up at 2:30 am on a “school” night? Well, I was sleeping soundly when a huge bang woke me up. More terrifying than the actual noise were the images that filled my mind as I was struggling to instantaneously jump from sleeping Emily mode to awake and alert Emily mode. I think the first thing my brain tried to do was assess “what is that??” THe bang was so loud and so close and so huge, I immediately thought the country was under attack. Visions of a plane crashing into the city filled my head before I even got out of bed. I shot straight up and was at the window of the apartment before I was even fully aware of what was going on. The bang was still echoing when I got to the window and I was shaking.

First I called Frank (note: FK has been flying since Sunday, so I have been alone every night – ugh!) and left him a semi-hysterical message and then I called my sister and started to cry. Once I was awake, I never heard another bang and was looking out the window for smoke, fire, chaos, pandamoneum (sp). Instead the city of Milwaukee was quiet and peaceful.

So I tell Cait what I dreamt and she said it was totally weird because she had just been having convos with her friend about Malachi, the prophet in the old testament. According to some people, he predicted all of the popes. For example, Pope John Paul II was the “labor of the sun” which is interesting since he was both born on a solar eclipse and died on one as well. Funny thing though, is that according to some people, he only predicted 112 popes. John Paul II was 110. The people who believe Malachi predicted each pope believe that Pope 111 will be “blessed of the olives” or something like that and that pope 112 will be the Pope at the end of the world.

Okay, so now on top of being totally freaked out about this Pope situation – which could mean nothing – maybe God only revealed to him the 112 popes, but there could still be more to come. Who knows. I’m not a practicing Catholic. Anyway, that was just unsettling to me. I mean, the important thing is that I am Christian and it doesn’t matter what the time or the hour is of Christ’s coming. But what is motivating is that there are so many people who are not Christian that I know and it makes me feel more urgent about sharing the gospel with them.

I think I am ready to get some sleep now. It would figure that the night that I would go to sleep on time, I would wake up in the middle of it. Frank says he thinks lightening struck the building. That’s comforting, eh? 🙂

Good night world! Godspeed.

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