Think positive thoughts

So. It’s almost 11 pm. Frank is in Ironwood, MI (it’s north, it’s cold and it’s snowy up there) and I’m here in Milwaukee.

And what am I doing up at this late hour on a Monday night when I have work the next morning? Naturally, I am contemplating my life, and, of course, my weight. See, the holidays were an awful blur of food – mostly chocolate in nature. This lead to weight gain. On top of the weight gain over this past year, I am quite sad and anxious and upset.

What’s worse is that Frank isn’t here, so I am also lonely. And I can’t call him because he has to be up in a few hours – 3:45 am to be exact.

So here is my action plan. I am going to continue writing down everything I eat. I am going to throw out the pecans my mother in law gave me as well as the chocolate chips in the fridge that I sometimes snack on. Once I’m done with that, I am going to get myself into a routine, darn it. I am going to work out and like it. And I am going to NOT HAVE ANY MORE HEADACHES. How much advil can a girl take??

I am also going to become re-obsessed with weighing myself because for some reason, that helps me instead of making me into someone with an eating disorder. See, if I can see immediate positive or negative reactions to what I eat, I get better about cause and effect with good food vs. bad food.

Wow. I am actually in a near panick about this. I need to get sleep.

One thought on “Think positive thoughts

  1. Hey EmGo easy on yourself, I thought you looked wonderful when I saw you last. YOu looked great, but of course we are never satisfied with our bodies ever.. I know how you feel cause thats how I feel too. I’m trying to stay as much as I can away from sugar *turns eventually to fat*, eat lots of protein and vegetables, eat fruit and I know has sugar, but good sugar for your body. Work out at least for an hour (half hour of weights/half hour of cardio)…I know you know this stuff, but I wanted to refresh. Don’t lose iinsight, remember this is for you, I am at times obsessed too with my weight, although I never weight myself, I know when I have lost weight b/c I see it in the mirror or my clothes fit bigger on me. So girl ease up on yourself you are such a cute darlin and I thought you looked perfect.If you feel like throwing out those pecans and those chocolates will help u out then do it sister. I know you are a healthy girl… was just the holiday pounds I gain some too, but now I have to stop eating that and concentrate really on my food which I haven’t for a month, but wanted to write to you and tell u u r not alone.I know u do this, but make a cd of good hardcore motivation music, cause man it really gets me going and actually makes me look forward to working out cause I have really good music to listen to. I hope this helps.Love ya girl<3 Michelle

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