Yes… it is 10:30 and I just emailed a project that I was working on (which isn’t done, btw) to myself. I am getting into panic mode: work is consuming all my time, I am not done Christmas shopping, I can’t keep up with the mail coming into the house and I can’t stop eating!!! HELP!!

Fortunately, I have my little snuggle bunny of love – Frank. Aw. Come to mama!

Unfortunately this lack of time to do anything has made me mildly bitter and I am definitely not in the holiday spirit. What’s worse is that not being in the holiday spirit is only making me stressed about not being in the holiday spirit. HELP!! It also seems that everyone else around me has oodles of time and can get everything done… How is that possible??? I work 6 days a week and sometimes 12 hours a day… today was 13… or 14… can’t keep track.

I’m such a whiner. Happy holidays!

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