The BIG Fight…

So yeah, Frank, Caitlin (my sister) and I are apparently in a fight. Except it’s not really a fight, she’s just being funny. She called to tell us about some dude she met named Chad. Oooh, Chhhhhad, does he dangle? Anyway, so Cait is very cute and she met this guy and so Frank and I felt that we shouldn’t get too excited, but this guy does sound nice. I think.

Cait is alos a little upset because I have not mentioned her nearly enough on my blog. So here we go, let me tell you about my sister Cait.

Caitlin is way cool and hot. She was my maid of honor (co – my other sister, Sarah was my Jr. Maid of Honor) and did an EXCELLENT job. I am so lucky that she is my sister because not only is she way cool and hot, but she is also extremely funny (sometimes I laugh so hard I can’t breathe) and so wise.

So yeah, I’m done now. THe bachelor is on. I LOVE YOU CAITLIN!

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