Milwaukee Loves Us…

Well, just to recount what has happened here in Milwaukee since Frank & I moved here:

1. Bomb threat at the Milwaukee Federal Building – suspect is arrested and held without bail.

2. Brewers sold.

3. 2 power lines are tampered with and subsequently collapse onto the Amtrak lines that go to Chicago. The collapsed power lines cut off power to the airport where all security equipment is shut down and huge lines form as each individual is hand searched. Turns out someone took out a few necessary bolts from the base of the towers.

4. The Packers are now 1 – 4, their worst start to a season since 1991. I was only 11 then. Hm.

Maybe we left Chicago in time for the Bears to have a decent season… I need to check out their stats… Hmm, just checked out the Bears stats. Guess the good news is that they aren’t doing a whole lot better than the Packers. That somehow makes me feel better. Phew.

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