You know you're old when…

… you don’t read the jokes on the laffy taffy wrappers. And you’re even older when you DO read them and then shake your head disdainfully.

Here I am, nearly 8pm on a Tuesday night. My husband, bless his soul, is out at the Safehouse in Milwaukee while I am still at work. And I will probably be here for another hour or so. At least.

The good news is: I like my job and I like the people and I am not overtired (yet) as I would have been if I was still in Chicago with my loooong commute.

The bad news is: they have a candy jar here and I LOVE it. UGH! There is even an upscale candy station on the 5th floor with DOUBLE STUFF OREO COOKIES! I NEED to find my self-control! I have none! eeeeek!!!

Otherwise, life in Milwaukee is fantastic. I get to see my husband (for now, at least), we live in a very cute apartment and my job is interesting and rewarding. At least for working these hours, my director is going to try to get me a few more days off this year. YEEHAW!

So, the net-net is, Life is Good.

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