Well, we are moving to Milwaukee in less than a week and we are mostly packed up and ready to go. It’s crazy because I can’t believe that we are really going – it feels so surreal. It hasn’t really hit me yet. We’re going to have to get new license plates, new drivers’ licenses, revise our insurance, and all that. It’s quite an undertaking to move out of state. But, I’m excited. We signed our lease on Friday and our apartment is cute, but hardly a place to settle down in for longer than a year. We are thinking that if we like downtown a lot, we’ll try to find a condo downtown. THere are some really cute condo’s on the river. That would be pretty cool.

Today is also our 1 year wedding anniversary. Last night Mom made a delicious dinner for us: prime rib, corn on the cob, garlic bread, salad, cranberries, applesauce, etc. THEN! As if that wasn’t awesome enough, Mom also had a replica of our wedding cake (chocolate fudge with chocolate fudge frosting). I didn’t remember how good our cake was, but i had some last night and it was AWESOME. SOOOO GOOD! 😛

Frank and I spent today packing, as I mentioned, and then we went to church. Our church is starting a young married couples group and they had a BBQ today, so we went. It was sad because the group is going to be awesome and we’re going to be in Milwaukee. Bummer!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow because I think it’s going to stink. I have a feeling it’s going to be rough. I sense that I will be at work for a LONG time.

Ugh. UGH.

One thought on “Movin'

  1. Hey Em… You are almost out of that job though! Just remember that you only have a few more days and then you are off on a new and exciting adventure! You’re almost there! :)Jamie

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