Fantastic Weekend!

Frank and I had just the best time together on our little mid-week weekend. We enjoyed the Signature Room & the massages & the park & Blue Man Group… but most of all, we just had a fabulous time together. I miss being around him when he’s not here. He is just my best friend in the whole world!! It has been difficult when he hasn’t been home, but I make it without a whole lot of thought because I”m just so busy. But when I see him, I just don’t want him to ever leave again… and then he does… but ::sigh:: what did I expect when I married a pilot?? 😉

Life as We Know It

So Frank and I went to the apartments we liked and applied. Then two hours later, the chick from the place called & said that the one we applied for was gone, but guess what–they have a smaller one for the same price. Nuh uh. So Frank negotiated until the girl gave in and gave us 1/2 off on parking, free storage and waived the app fee. So now it’s a much cheaper apartment. Woohoo!

Now all we have to do is get approved for the apartment & move in & find me a job. Whew!

I’m so excited!!!

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