So I just have to tell you…

I thought I did a decent job of painting my toe nails this morning. I put a base coat, then a coat of paint, a second coat of paint and a top coat on them. All in like 5 minutes. I figured that the 15 minutes i needed to blow dry my hair and put my make up on would allow my toes proper drying time before I put them in socks and put those socked feeties in shoes. Sadly, I just switched to my work shoes and my toes are all smudged. Ugh. Oh well, worse things in life than smudged toenails.

Scary Storms!

I stayed with Frank last night up north and we were totally nailed by the storms. We were in the cottage without air conditioning when at 2 am, I thought, “Geesh, the air conditioner is loud” and then I remembered that we didn’t have one! Over 50 MPH winds were whipping around our small cottage that sits between two lakes (which means we don’t have anything to slow down the wind). Rain was pouring down in sheets so thick, I could barely see our cars parked 20 feet from the front of the house. I thought that we were certainly going to have a tornado, but fortunately the storm died down in less than 20 minutes & we went back to bed.

This morning the sunrise was goregous on the back lake, but it revealed all the mangled trees, park benches, etc, from the night before. A neighbor’s park bench was blown onto the road, a large tree fell on another neighbor’s porch. We thought Frank’s parents’ house, which is just up the road, had been spared, but later we found out that one of Sandy’s (my mother-in-law) willows had fallen on the 2nd pontoon boat (which was out of the water, on blocks at the time) and completely destroyed it. Fortunately only 2/3 of the willow fell. The part that the hamock is tied to is still standing. The other fortunate (sort of) thing is that over the winter, someone had stolen the motor off of both pontoon boats. Frank’s parents own one and then the kids (Kath, Dave, Karen, Frank and I) have the other one (I think that’s how it’s broken out, anyway). Frank’s parents’ replaced their motor, but didn’t put a new motor on the 2nd pontoon, which is good because it would have been too bad if we put a motor on the 2nd boat.

So that’s that. I am sure that Dr. K (Father-in-law) is quite busy cleaning up today and helping out the neighbors. Some of the neighbors had branches fall on power lines, etc. It really hasnt’ been a stellar summer weather-wise, so I guess it’s only appropriate that we go out with a bang πŸ™‚

Other Stuff

I am going to take next Thurs and Fri off to finalize apartment details and job stuff–hopefully Frank and I will be moving in mid-September. Gotta find a job, though… Such exciting times!!! πŸ™‚

One thought on “So I just have to tell you…

  1. Hey Em…. so you got the loft apartment in the city?! Awesome!! Let’s do that Oberweiss thing you mentioned soon… maybe this week?

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