Good Weekend

It was a solid weekend this weekend. Thursday night I got to see Frank–yay! I drove out to his parents’ house and we stayed in the cottage. Then Friday I had an informational interview at an agency & dropped off my resume at a few more places. Frank’s mom went with me (she’s awesome) and we saw a few apartments as well. I kind of fell in love with one of them–a loft style, beautiful building right in the heart of downtown. It has art work throughout the building, 19 foot ceilings and a very fun, urban atmosphere. Frank is going to see it sometime this week & hopefully he’ll love it too (I’m sure he will) and that’s where we’ll live! It’s a little bit expensive, but you’re only young once, right? And we’ll probably never get to live in the city again, since we would prefer having a family in the suburbs.

Saturday Frank studied until 3pm and then came home. We went to a wine tasting (not as many wines as the weekend before, but a good time all together), then Meg and I shopped around until 7 when we met up with Frank, Anthony, Leah, Todd & Joel for dinner. So much for date night, eh? We went to Rosebuds, which was just tooooo yummy.

Sunday Frank and I got out of bed and didn’t do much. Frank studied from when he got up until when he left. He memorized over 200 note cards for his big test today. I packed up some things in our “office” and then worked out.

So here I am, it’s Monday, Monday. Yay. Frank is back up north and has a big, big test today. GOOD LUCK!! I’m praying for you 🙂

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