Congratulations Time!

I realized today how many people have accomplished great things recently–things that were a long time in coming–and I wanted to put out a word of congratulations. So, in no particular order:

*Dorothy got a job as a kindergarten teacher at a Catholic school. Congratulations!!

*Dave got a raise at his current job and says, “It seems that the more belligerent i get as an employee, the more i get paid.” Too bad that’s not the case for everyone… Congratulations, Dave!

*Andrea also got a raise–Andrea and Dave are really bringing it home. We’re going for drinks and they’re buyin’! Congratulations!

*Kate got an apartment in California (this may have been mentioned before) and she is living with my dear friend Sean and his friend Ryan. It’s sort of like a backwards “Threes Company.” Good job, Kater!!! But even more importantly than that, she has accomplished her life long dream of living out in Cali–even better!!

*My parents turned 50 together. Good for them! Way to be old farts… (teehee)

*Frank started his new job and is almost done with week 3 of training. GOOD JOB FRANK! I know you can do it!

What’s on tap…

Tonight I am going up to Frank’s parents and printing out my resume. Then Friday, Sandy (Frank’s mom) and I are going to drop off resumes, look at apartments and have lunch with Frank. Saturday, I am trying on my bridesmaid dress for Dor’s wedding. Later that afternoon, Frank, Meghan, Anthony, Leah and I are going to a wine tasting and then to dinner. Yum! Sunday will hopefully be a lazy day… Let’s keep our fingers crossed! Frank will leave Sunday night for his parents’ house for his last week of training in Milwaukee.

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