How We Say, “I Love You.”

This week has been VERY busy. I have worked past 8 or 9 every night and Frank has come down just about every night to pick me up at work and drive me home. What’s amazing is that he offers to do this and is cheerful (for the most part–his back is hurting–another story for another time) when he gets me.

Well, today, he met me at the station at home and told me that he saw that I took out the garbage and folded the laundry. It was really sweet that he noticed that I did that. Anyway, tonight he was going out with the guys for a couple beers, cigars, etc. I came home and turned on the light–the apartment looked amazing!!

Frank put away laundry, started a new load, did the dishes, cleaned the bathtub, scrubbed the toilet, vacuumed hte house, made the bed, straightened up the family room, WENT GROCERY SHOPPING and there were a dozen red roses on the kitchen table, freshly cut and put in a vase.

On the way home from the train, I was thinking aboutall the things I needed to do at home, in addition to some work I brought home. Seeing everything so clean and perfect–he thought of everything–was phenomenal. Taking care of everything at home was the answer to a prayer!

It was the most extravagent, beautiful, meaningful way he could have possibly said he loved me. So, Frank, I LOVE YOU, TOO! 🙂

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