Train Rage

There are a few unspoken rules about riding the train. And there is one mighty rule that ruleth over all the land. The rule is: IF YOU MUST TALK BEFORE 8AM ON THE TRAIN, DO SO IN A HUSHED VOICE SO THAT PEOPLE AROUND YOU CAN READ, THINK, SLEEP AND SPACE OUT IN PEACE!!!

OH Good GRIEF. These women on the train, three of them, talked LOUDLY the whole train ride into the city about their kids dance recitals, day care, etc. They have no excuse–they also discussed how they take the train several times a week for their jobs. They should know better. UGH. Every time I would start to fall asleep one of them would talk even louder.

Hm. Maybe I can take a nap at work…

One thought on “Train Rage

  1. Hey Em… It is totally NOT cool if people are talking on the train, loudly, in the early morning. I feel your pain!!

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