Jessica Simpson

I have to tell you–I’m obsessed with her. I want to BE her. Is that sick? Wrong? Both???? Sometimes, when Frank and I are putzing around the apartment, I pretend that we are Nick and Jessica… 😉 “Oh, Frank, of course we need million dollar sheets!” Ha. ha. Sometimes I practice my dance moves for him, too.

Me: So this is the Funky Frog Hoppity Hop move I’m using in my song and dance Friday.

Frank: Um. Yeah.

Me: Hoppity Hoppity, jump froggy, jump!

Frank: You’re blocking the TV.

Me: Whatever! Don’t come crying to me when your solo album bombs!

Frank: Huh?

So yeah–the reason this comes up is because I was looking at Michelle B’s blogger and she had pics of Jessica and I was inspired.

There you have it, folks. I’m crazy.

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