Noises My Body DOESN'T Make Any More

Okay, so I was just thinking about this. Back when I weighed a lot more than I do now, my right foot actually made a loud snapping sound when I walked. Now when I walk, it’s just the pitter-patter of my not-so-little feet. Go Emily!

The Week in Review

I have been pretty busy, actually.

Monday: Worked, came home… hm, my mind is a blank. Let’s try Tuesday.

Tuesday: Worked, came home… hm… also a blank on this one. But I just remembered that Monday Frank and I watched Average Joe. But I can’t remember what happened on Tuesday.

Wednesday: The client was in on Tuesday and left on Wednesday, so BIG sigh of relief. Frank found out that he had a flight with a company up in Waukegan (hurrah!) and that was pretty exciting. I tried to do some Ground School Homework–but then Frank came home early and we were both tired and went to bed.

Thursday: Frank had his flight, which was good. He got up at 4 am to make it up there and then he worked until 7 ish. So it was a very long day for him. I worked a full day (as usual) and came home to do my Ground School Homework and watch a little Thursday Must See TV.

Friday: Tonight Frank and I are going to a bar to celebrate one of the traffic reporter’s birthdays.

Saturday: Tomorrow, my little sister in my sorority (AOII! HURRAH!) is running for Homecoming Queen. Hopefully she will be crowned at tomorrow’s big dance! Frank and I are going to that šŸ™‚

Sunday: Whew. Is this the day of rest or did I miss it?

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