I banged!

For those of you who were wondering about the results of my bang survey–I banged! I love them, too! YAY!

Romantic Things I Long to Hear

I was chit-chatting with my sister, Cait, and goofing around. At one point in the conversation she said, “You know, Emily, you really make me want to scratch my eyes.”

Do you know how long I have waited to hear those words?? I assure you–far too long!

A Week in the Life

Sunday: Went to church with Mom and Dad. Introduced FK to the Catholic church (he had never been) and then went to brunch at Billy’s Pancake House. Delish! After that, FK and I watched Groundhog Day with my parents and then went to Dorothy and Erik’s superbowl bash at Glenn’s condo. Lots of fun–even with Janet’s boob.

Monday: Worked. Came home and FK and I had dinner and watched Average Joe.

Tuesday: Came home, had dinner. FK went out after dinner and I cannot quite remember what I did after that.

Wednesday: Came home, went to Hobby Lobby, had dinner, watched Bachelorette, talked to Mom, worked on Scrap Book.

Thursday: Went out with Kim Y. We shopped a little and went to Fridays and had frozen Cosmos. The tastey fruity concoction really had my warmed on the insides, let me tell you!

Friday: We are “laying low” as it were. was. is. will be. FK rented Lost in Translation and we’re going to get a pizza and salad and just veg. Ah. Fun!

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