When do you stop…

…putting birthdays on your calendar?

I’m not talking about the birthday reminders for your husband or girlfriends or aunts and uncles. I’m talking about the birthday on your calendar for someone who would be celebrating their 90th birthday–but isn’t. Someone who should be licking the frosting off of their 30th birthday candles, but won’t.

And you know, I just don’t think you do. I think you keep those birthdays in your palm pilot, in your day planner and in your heart because when someone dies, if you love them, I don’t think you stop celebrating their life.

Grandma R died December 12th, 1999 and Grandpa R died in 1987. Both of their birthdays were in October. I still have them on my calendar because I think it’s good to think about them. I think it helps me to remember them and to give them a little “hurrah.”

Papa died July 5th in the early hours of the morning. Next Wednesday he would have been 79.

Happy Birthday, Papa!

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